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The Ultimate Engagement & Loyalty Platform

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Where Brands and Fans Thrive Together.

At Fundle, we are redefining how brands connect with their customers. Fundle is a community-building platform for consumer-driven brands who would like to have more interaction and engage more closely with their fans! Our unique token membership model transforms passive brand-customer relationships into active, value-driven engagements. Brands can become a vibrant community where members are enthusiastic participants and involved in brand success, creating a world where businesses and customers benefit and profit together. The Fundle platform drives business growth by enabling brands to:

Increase brand loyalty with more rewards and incentives for customers

Create more engagement and interaction with existing customers

Increase brand popularity and attract new customers

Dynamic & Participatory Memberships.

Community tokens are the core of the membership model, designed to incentivize engagement and reward growth. Each business has its own token. Users can become member by purchasing tokens or receiving them via reward programs. The business provides benefits, and members can unlock these based on the number of tokens they hold or by redeeming tokens. Benefits have different levels of engagement and can be used for:

Access - Members can gain exclusive access to experiences, events, products, or content.

Rewards - Members, loyal customers or promotors can be rewarded with more tokens.

Involvement - Members can unlock involvement in the design, testing or development process of products. Product creation and branding can be done together.

Discounts - Members can receive discount codes based on how many tokens they hold.

Transactions - The tokens have a bonded dollar value and can be used for doing transactions in the community, such as purchasing items or products.

The tokens have a stable price mechanism, where both business and members can benefit financially from community growth. The token price is tied to the amount of economic value created within the community, driving further engagement and growth.

This dynamic approach to community building is the way to strengthen brand-customer relationships, as it includes levels of engagement, more social and economic rewards and enables members to participate in success!

Your All-In-One Platform.

Marketing by Fan Empowerment

The tokens are a powerful marketing and promotion tool through participation in financial success and by enabling fans to earn tokens. Members become active participants rather than passive recipients and marketing can be done together with members, driving further growth and loyalty!

New Revenue Streams

Businesses can enable new revenue streams by selling exclusive products or items. Members redeem tokens to unlock products which can increase the business's own token amount and let them profit from token and product purchases!

Effortless Communication

The integrated chat feature simplifies communication and is a direct channel to let fans and brands engage with each other. It also provides access for businesses to opinions and feedback to create user-centric products, boosting engagement further!

Data-Driven Insights

Businesses can get insights with data on member demographics, behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns to better understand their audience, sharpen marketing strategies, and tailor offerings to customer interests!